I'm a life long angler. I caught my first fish when I was about 7. So...from that day, I've been fascinated...obsessed. Just like all of you, right?   I grew up, kept fishing and became a solid angler. I've competed in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and now reside in Arkansas near the Gateway To The Ozarks and Bull Shoals, and occasionally compete in Opens and other events down here in the Mid-South and Mid-West. I'm also a watercolor artist, film maker, musician and photographer.The way I figure it, why not combine the things I love most in life?

In 2015, I decided to make that dream a reality. And now, I want to share it with all of you. Let me paint you that crankbait that gives you that feeling when a fish absolutely smashes it...because it was just the right color, or just the right pattern. That's what I do best, and I know you'll love these lures. Check out the site, look around, and pick up a couple of Jekyll Baits today. 

This is a small veteran owned company, and I use in house shipping and logistics. In addition, I have pro-staff and solutions liaisons in Maryland, Indiana, California, North Carolina, Virginia, Missouri, Texas, New York, Michigan, Maine and right here in Arkansas. You can also find me at Bass Baits Buy and Barter, where I work as an administrator when I'm not on the road with YouTube obligations.

Thanks for looking, and Happy casting!!