• The Squarebills III


    Show the fish something they HAVEN'T seen, in a tried and trusted squarebill body. Here are some hot natural and specialty colors that are not done ANYWHERE but right here at Jekyll Bait Company. If you see these patterns anywhere else, they're impostors!!

    Based on the classic workhorse design of the Lucky Craft SQB, these blanks are batch tested prior to painting, and then random tested from time to time once paint and clear coat are applied for balance and swim wobble. All patterns are available in rattling, silent and holographic. Coated with KBS Diamond Epoxy.  Dressed with stainless steel split rings and Bill Lewis Set-Lok needle points (#4 trebles on 2.5s, and #6 trebles on 1.5s). 1.5s weigh 3/8 oz, and 2.5s weigh 1/2 oz. Both dive 1-4 feet. 

    Squarebills are a top seller and a rock steady lure. The stuff lunker legends are made of...