• Pro-Line Re-Paints


    Jekyll Baits offers professional re-paint services on your favorite confidence baits, as well as custom paint and patterns on brand name lures. Each lure is carefully sanded and stripped, depending on the need and level of deterioration, and re-painted in the pattern you'd like. Touch-ups on standard existing baits are available as well (as long as it is not an image-wrapped lure). **This does not apply to large swimbaits (OVER 4"/100mm), musky pike or salmon baits. Those are only available by emailing at jenkravassi@jekyllbaits.com and price will be based on size of lure and whether it's solid, jointed, flapper, ect... as more prep time, paint and sealer is needed.


    If the customer provides the original lure, then the price is a firm $12 for re-painting and re-sealing.

    If Jekyll Baits provides the brand name lure, customer adds the standard going rate for the price of the bait (we WILL find the lowest price out there for you) in addition to the re-paint and seal fee.

    We also offer a $5 flat fee for epoxy re-seals only.

    RATES: (per each lure)

    Complete Re-Paint and Seal (PLUS**) :$18

    **Whopper Ploppers, Multi-Jointed Swimbaits (UP TO 4"/100mm) and Propeller Baits.

    Complete Re-Paint and Seal (STANDARD): $15

    (Single Piece Cranks, Lipless, Twitchbait, ect...)

    Touch Up and Seal (Existing Pattern): $9

    Epoxy Re-Seal Only (KBS): $6

    If you want a custom pattern on a brand name lure, a second invoice will be sent to the customer once type and quantity are decided on. Email us at jenkravassi@jekyllbaits.com, or FaceBook Message on the Jekyll Baits page!

    AT THIS TIME WE DO NOT OFFER BILL REPLACEMENT OR MAJOR LURE CRACKING REPAIRS (To be honest, it would be less expensive in most cases to purchase a new lure if there are such severe problems with your bait).